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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Coming out of hiding and trying to get on track social media wise has been nothing less than frustrating so far which has made me conclude that unless you want to quit social media for good don't run off for a year plus with or without forehand notice, don't just do it its not pretty; I'm a living testimony on this.

Let me give you a break down of my break down: it all started early 2017 when i lost every content i created because my phone decided to freeze and never came on again ( pls always backup/ send to your email) i was so depressed and i couldn't get myself to re-create or create new content even with help from friends and blogger babes. I then went to NYSC camp feeling depressed without a phone i could work with, i got out of camp and fell into early life adulting crisis most especially dealing with a 7:30am to 6pm work life, all in all it really was a shitty period and trying to priotize like a grownup i didn't realise when i put my social media on a complete 1 year hold! 

Fast forward to last night ( 1 year 6 months) i was thinking of quitting compltetely and deleting my blog altogether just because i felt i wasn't catching up with my content creation and comeback. 
Fast forward to this morning a friend asked for my advice on what route she should take at this point in her life and i laughed at the irony of the situation but most importantly i decided to take the advice i gave her.

I asked my self the core question for the first time in a long time "why are you blogging ?" and i answered because i can; in the sense that when things don't go the way i plan, my blog was the one thing i could truly and fully control.  I enjoy sharing my experiences, i try to create good writing and content that makes me smile after reading it again and combining an outfit came as second nature to me.
After proper analysis of my reason, i knew it wasn't something i was ready to give up yet, so i didn't and instead i told my friend why not do as much as you can for as long as you can do it and stay committed to all of it. Now she's about to restart her youtube channel, go for her NYSC use it as a medium to serve Nigeria/loose some weight and eventually work in media (keeping my fingers crossed that she gets her dream to be on the ebony life tv team)

If you got this far thanks for being interested in my Dr. Phil skills but this is where i talk fashion and if you are an avid follower of my style you have probably seen me in this jacket if you haven't here it is putting this outfit was a piece of cake that tasted even sweeter when i found i had a matching baker boy cap which i thrifted my last few days in Nigeria that took this simple outfit to fashion blogger status. So always look out for accessories to up your style game.

This outfit also got me thinking how much i want to say this is french inspired because of the cap, books and all the checks involved however according to Instagram french style 2018  would i be wrong to call this french style

Hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment, i will love to hear from you.
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  1. I love everybit of your drive and the never give up attitude, couple with good friends to lean on for advise. There are a few thing I gathered,
    ==it’s about commitment
    ==Resilience and adaptation are the keys to a vibrant lifestyle
    ==Quitting can become a habit as well as persisting
    == Values and self believe are the most important thing.
    I love your composure, Good outfit and the style personality to match.


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