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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

You don’t have to be on fashions most wanted list or gracing the cover of a multi-international magazine to be seen with one of these crafty bags.

From walking down the street to monday work mornings IT girls and non-fashionlites are spotting this years trendiest piece as proven by instagram, a woven bag.

 On my side of the 
world if a woven bag isn’t a museum piece or decorative items it was only found in the northern region of nigeria as cultural related articraft; but recently this piece has not only evolved out of aesthetic pieces of shopping bags and jewellery boxes but is now a proper street style accessory.

Talk about an evolution! and nobody had to carry torches, create a hashtag or close down streets for a movement, it just happened naturally as expected. Even accessories are evolving much better than the human race but thats in other news.

i copped this bad boy from The Full Look on Instagram for just 2500 naira (yes a major steal price) to be honest everything I'm putting on i got at a steal price; this beautiful top from somewhere in Korea for 1000 naira, metallic asos heels for 3000 naira from The Full Look and this Chic sunnies from Girly Essentials. 

From brunch to bar and everything in-between its safe to assume that woven bags will be on major repeat all year round in crafty different styles. I'm looking forward to customising this one and making it a lot more personal style-ish, will share with you guys once i do.

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