Reasons why you are an influencer who isn’t influencing.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Do you enjoy working on your ideas even though there is a minuscule of dreading fear of the end result?
Does it feel like hard work?
Do you find yourself creating content because you want to stay relevant?
Do you not have what you feel are the “appropriate tools” to take you a step ahead?
Do you think if it was a contest based result you would best those influencers doing better than you?

Well if 3 out of 5 of your answers are YES then this personal expose is for you so continue to scroll, if you read the above without answering or being honest with yourself then please scroll back, read and determine if this if for you and if you came over here just to find out what’s up with me?… “I’m good love, enjoy”

You may be wondering why I’m tackling this issue head on, well I am an influencer who due to some reasons known and unknown to me has not done much influencing in a while, so as you can see by now this table I’m shaking I’m also standing on it.

Admitting your challenge/issue is the first step towards finding a solution, quote me and that is why I will be divulging some reasons why you are not influencing.

Firstly an influencer is someone that has the capacity to to impact or affect, whether you are an individual or a brand the ability to convince your audience is what makes you good influencer. Personally I like to think of it as being some sort role model to more than one person. I fyou agree with me so far than you will probably agree when I say the number one reason you are not influencing like you wish you were is
  1. It’s a side job
Have you heard this saying ‘you always make out time for what really matters’ this is not to say what you are doing or content you are creating doesn’t really matter but if you have a day job the typical 9-5 and you have an idea to execute for content reasons the truth is you would most likely keep your idea aside and go to work or there will be repercussions. That’s what I mean by saying you are an influencer when its convinent for you and no that’s not a bad thing but you will not likely get better result than the person who does content creating full time.
  1. Its sweet pain
Don’t be fooled by the prettiness you see with well curated instagram posts with captions to match and properly edited write ups. There is a pain that comes from doing something for the pleasure of others and yourself; it may be the late nights you have to keep working on a project, staring at your computer screen till your eyes tear up because the lights are not favourable at all, doing things you wouldn’t normally do for the process (I don’t want to write likes because that is very beneathing) and my all-time favourite running late to work almost on a daily basis because your passion kept you awake all night!
My point here is it can be a really burdensome process and the truth is sometimes we can’t stand the burden especially when you have put in so much and gotten little to none. To be an established influencer is to persevere continuously with and without recognition.

  1. You are invested for all the wrong reasons.
If you judge your actions by the desire of everybody you become the influenced and not the influencer, yes its radical but it’s true. Several people with different opinons and background look up to you, imagine trying to impress each of these people’s thoughts or expectations of you? I have a template by which I handle this particular challenge and I will share it with you because it just might help someone out there, I think of creating content as;

But, BY YOU”
  1. Which brings me to probably the biggest reason; being Talented VS. being Hard working
You have to know the difference. Just like your day job vs. your passion, one keeps you fed and the other one keeps you going. The amount of work you put in when you are a born influencer even when you don’t play to be is less than the amount of work you put in when you want to be recognized as an influencer.
  1. Your immediate surrounding is your most effective tool.
That’s why we have workspaces and stations, taking a stroll to clear your mind can upon you up to things, places and people you never knew existed or remembered. A notepad in the park on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening is something therapeutic and sometimes when you can’t find yourself in your immediate surrounding the desire to travel becomes immediate and what’s more you might just want to wake up pack up and relocate.

  1. You are being stagnant and adamant 
If you are doing this a certain way and there has been no improvement in your social outreach adopt a different technique , if you post only pictures then start posting videos of content work. i would tell you to remain true to yourself in all that you do but ‘fake it till you make it” works so much and along the line what isn't naturally you has a way of letting go on its own. 

And the biggest killer of creativity and content creation is:

     7. Overthinking yourself to dearth! 
Yes you heard me. your idea which was once so bright and shiny and looked foolproof and unstoppable all of a sudden after too much thoughts and asking people for their own opinion begins to look somewhat bland and uninteresting and before you know it, you have tossed that idea to the side proclaiming it lacking or insufficient. well i have faced this a couple of times and the best way i tackle this issue really is to develop this shiny idea although small i begin to implement it and somewhere length line it begins to develop and blossom just like most big companies we have these days. get a central idea and keep attaching to it or removing from it until you get what you need. 

    understand that whatever you put out there for your readers or followers have to be genuine enough to be credible to you, there is no wrong or right way about these things, even the holy book says its not by hardwork or smart but time and chance, so put out what you will appreciate and hope for the best.

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