How to breakup a monochrome look

Friday, May 18, 2018

Combining a black and white outfit is possibly the easiest duo colour pairing in fashion, dressing it stylishly to standout however is not as easy.

To avoid looking random i opted for layering to help step up my monochrome game and accessorising to break up the monochrome.
I chose a basic mono base added the most aesthetically crafted bag that could ever; it i so similar to the Cult Gaia Ark bag that made every fashion girls wardrobe in 2018, although my mum finds it very impractical and i do agree with her on that because your bag should have some level of privacy but this one is just too beautiful it will make you put common sense aside.

As my weekdays is work occupied, i like to roam my city on Saturdays and on this day i found myself in one of those places that exist in the centre of abuja, Wuse 2 but not a lot of people are aware of,  in my head i wanted to wear something very simple and airy so i went for a black net top and white jeans and creepers (basic chic alert style) but in this side of the world properly covered dressing is advised (notice i didn’t say modest- i believe this word makes sense best in individual context) especially if you don’t want to be snickered at in public and accused of overexposure, with that in mind my basic chic outfit was just not proper enough.

The outfit goal immediately was to stay stylish and covered at the same time, so i choose to layer my beach dress-also net but now there's less skin exposure, and the hot Abuja A.K.A Buj (thats what the cool kids call it these days) sun won’t bother me much. i got this beach dress on sale at City park a while back with visiting one of lagos famous seasides in mind but i guess until i actually go to a real beach, it will have to multitask as my fave layer dress and lounge/sleep wear. lol

Do you also shop with places, locations or pictures you will take in mind? how long ago and were you able to use that item for it s purpose or for something else.
I have a post about this coming soon, how effective and detrimental it can be but in the meantime lets share our opinions on that.

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  1. I go shopping with a list and with the best shopping experience in mind it includes, affordability, accessibility, quality the least on my mind is a picture to follow. Lovely post with your unique bag to match, your beautiful, innovative and creative simply the best and the style personality to match.

    1. Thank you very much for an honest reply, a list is always a proactive way to shop.


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