Monday, October 09, 2017

1 year, 8 tries, 5 looks, 3 shoots is how longs it has taken me to get this outfit right and men! Was I excited when I finally did.

This is one of the perks and also downsides of blogging "sometimes it just doesn't work out'.

Last year October at I got a free invite to the GTB Fashion week but because I didn't understand Lagos traffic I wasn't able to make it to the show, I felt totally bad but it didn't last long once I realized the outfit I had planned to wear wouldn't have turned out fantastic and by "the outfit" I actually mean this look and you know how I like my style: FANTASTIC. 

With that in mind, if you ever have an occasion and you pick an outfit always try it on at least 3times before the event. Think of it as your lucky charm 3 steps to slay, this helps you make sure everything is fine the fitting, the piece etc. 

Then I had this outfit planned 3 different ways which I was going to wear and now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some how I would get a hold on a Ticket to attend the show so I can really understand the whole fashion week process: see brands, meet persons socialize basically and also because my outfit has been reimagined, re-tried and now it's lit! 

As much as I'm a fashion consultant; I also love sharing my experiences and from this post I would like to draw the most obvious somewhere in between this read: "Always try to rise above succumbing" in no matter what situation you find yourself. If you want it go after it; if you feel like you are giving up take a break (no pressure) buy always keep it in the back of your mind because once it's there whenever you need it you can compel it to come forth. 

If you feel like you just got schooled, well you did and I hope you took a few style notes and life hacks (wink)! 

(btw what are your thoughts on my accessories, i was going to choose to wear either the earring or the necklace but somehow i ended up wearing both
ps: my dress/top is actually a skirt you wouldn't be very shocked if you follow my blog because i previously styled it here  )

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  1. But this outfit is so beautiful! How on this earth am I just seeing this??

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