Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Life used to be simpler, skirts were just skirts and there was nothing like skorts not that I'm complaining but skirts used to be our wardrobe savior for when you need to be conservative but still feminine. They worked for work environment and even a more casual one and I think everyone needs a skirt in their wardrobes.

Recent seasons have favored mini skirts thanks to Asos Or floor length flowy skirts like Dior ss17 and while these are fantastic choices and creatively pleasing they can also be quite unsuitable; imagine a situation where short is too short or long is too long and you are wishing you had a not too long not too short skirt; well let me reintroduce you to the midi length skirts. 

I have been craving the simplicity of the midi skirt where the only real choice you have to make is what type of top to wear with it, something basic or dressy but thanks to some designers we can be all this at once. Fancy a slouchy too like this yellow beauty I got a couple years back in school, you can dress it up with this aesthetically pleasing skirt from Mamut modem, germany. 

That's the thing about midi skirts they flow seamlessly from occasions than merely the office. I was able to wear this to church and I felt like a ray of sunshine throughout that day with so many "yellow is your color" (even though It would never make my top 5) and "is this your natural hair" (which reminds me what are your thoughts exactly on natural hair) 

                                                                                                                     How to style your midi skirts
  1. The longer the skirt the more flexible your top should be.
  2. Opt for unexpected pattern skirting; it's easier to choose a top and accessorize minimal style.
  3. The secret to styling midi skirts is to stick to feminine shapes, a more modern style of the Victorian skits, dewy, soft and flowy it's almost perfect when that skirt hits just below your knee. 
  4. Midi skirts are so simple that they can slide into boring so to avoid this opt for statement pieces, bags accessories (for me it was my shoe: patterned heels on pattern skirt= mind blowing) 
  5. The more flowy your midi skirt is the more flirty you seem, the more clingy your midi skirt the more flattering you look. 

"Midi skirts are more than workwear/church appropriate: they are more a way of life: designed to fit your everyday itinerary, wherever it might take you"

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