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Monday, August 14, 2017

I have been secretly wearing white shirt and blue jeans at every given opportunity on repeat and claiming Parisian style instead of accepting the fact that i can get pretty lazy dressing up to anywhere so this time i decided to one up my basic white tee and blue jeans with a pop of colour and just like that i had statement fashion written all over.

We (fashion inclined and not so fashion inclined) all know how easy it is to throw on a the white tee and blue jeans when you are on the go but how many of us know you can crank your style several notches up with a splash of colour and no I’m not just talking wearing yellow flats or carrying a print bag I’m talking colour that stands out not because of what colour it is but instead how you wear that colour. lucky for me the weather has been generous to my outfits we have had almost non stop constant rain in Nigeria, my uber driver telling me something about 7days rain and how its raining allover Nigeria at the same time, i can’t confirm or deny this but i can say without hesitation that wearing leather in this weather is not a bad idea and you hit the jackpot when that leather happens to be patent.

Some of you don’t know this but i concluded my NYSC camping sometime in june so work life has been basic life for me and my workplace is very chilled but not very keen on on using workhours on personal life matters so i sleep dream wake eat work basically lol but i have come to appreciate this because it is helping me discover my style and giving me an opportunity to deconstruct the idea of there being a particular type of way to dress to work, what I’m trying to say here is its important to dress with your immediate environment in mind but don’t forget to add that extra something that makes it you.

Real life story, a particular client in my office everyday he walks in and sees my outfits he goes wow! always elegantly dressed, EVERYDAY! you know why, because it has a little bit of me in it and that is enough to keep your office from telling you “noooo ohhh, please we wear suit and tie when coming to work”. remember fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it- Coco Chanel probably said this.

still on my outfit, another on the go piece i have recently acquired is these Mary Poppins like shoe, if you look not to closely it could be mistaken for one of those gucci shoes that made the runway and tabloids all year round that would probably cost me my whole service year allowance to get (not that i wouldn’t want a gucci shoe) but this was REDZ shoe was more affordable and just as pretty! click here for shoe info

i am also taking advantage to say sometimes fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, if match match works for just like it did for me in this post then by all means wear it. this is definitely one of my best looks this year and i can say for sure that i will be wearing outfits that seamlessly match in both color and style all year because the y are much simpler looks to pult together and look fab.

so what are your thoughts on dressing to work? how is the weather dictating your wardrobe, don't forget to leave your comments will love to know your thoughts on this post!

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