One of those days

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blogging always has its up’s and down’s. sometimes the inspiration hits you like a meter moving at the speed of light and you are loving what you do, write,  create, your style and on other days its just not the same, maybe your outfit isn’t working your location isn’t just all that and the most common a writers block and you can’t even string up words to make coherent sense to you. for me today was one of such days.

I had the craziest slow-fast day at work firstly i lost my simcard and according to the network provider i would need a court affidavit to to get my sim replaced and i needed to get this post up not that Nigeria’s internet service provider have been any good these days  and my missing simcard almost cost me a rand collaboration that has been in its planning phase for a while and i was also handling some personal issues. so like i said crazy day and in these moments i realised and understood that the only thing that would keep me going was passion. the dominoes will fall apart and the least you can do is not fall with it.

Being in this industry i have come to learn that it can be very unpredictable which means you might not be able to handle or control all situations and make things go according to plan. (if you are blogger especially a fashion blogger think about how many times you have planned shoot and last minute one thing just changes everything) but one thing remains certain when you set a deadline you do your 100% to push through.

On days like this, i try to get over whatever emotion this is by talking to myself on the inside to take a breathe or two and clam down because honestly the baddest it could possibly get is worst and then i pray for something anything at all to go right just to take away my mind from everything that is going wrong and it does…i got a free meal from a friend who i complained about not being able to get things under control and the next thing i know she comes over with food, hype and words of encouragement and it was just so amazing how much the little things like food and friends could make a sad person a happy person.

Any who, i hope this pictures of me loving life and laughing out loud are able to deliver carefree style and brighter smiles to your day before i forget this shoe was my biggest steal this year! i bought on camp during my NYSC at #1000, yes its magic and for deets on my kimono & gucci bag click  HERE  and don’t forget be #foreverinspirational

The Stylelinguist

So tell me how you survive one of those good examples of a bad day.

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  1. I definitely understand how you must have felt. We all have those days, and for me, I usually just speak positive words to myself and try to focus on other things that make one happy e.g. good food and food friends! 😂

  2. Thank you babe! Positivity is key!

  3. I could definitely resonate with everything. Nice post and killer outfit 🔥

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