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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sometime last month, I received an invitation to attend the Influencer Hangout as the Official blogger and I jumped at this invite whole heartedly. The Hangout promised to have a line up of influential speakers, games, food and lots more I knew that I was super excited for all the right reasons, so read on for a recap of my experience at the Influencers Hangout hosted by Esquire Network 
I got my invite and went along with my au pair because it is always best to attend functions that you have never attended before in two's or more and it was a great idea especially when I got a little busy...(llearn this) moreover who doesn't like a weekend that begins with inspiration, chilled vibes and great people. 

The Influencers Hangout took off at The Code in Wuse 2, abuja, I would love to say I arrived right on time but I ran an hour late because of getting off work but the moment I stepped in I was buzzing to soak every detail up. The interior had a very roomy veranda feel going on, upon entrance there was the open room where person who attended sat to chat and chill and then the was a second carved out corner that seated the invited Influencers which included

Bizzle: who had a lot of blunt-honest true to God answers to give when it came to publicizing yourself to your target market.

Nansheen: a good example of how focus on your passion even as a startup can guarantee growth, her makeup brand is a testimony. 

Ric hassani: I honestly just heard about him at this Hangout and was very pleased with his accomplishments he explained how pursuing music can be hectic and explained why it's better to pursue music that works for you and can I just say he has impeccable music taste and style! 

Pamela: she spoke on her flower business and how she deals with various types of customers and their needs. 

El deino: the business man with a business mind. He spoke about making sure whatever it is you do should be able to make profits for you. He definitely taught me the "have you got sit down money" concept.

And me, well you are on my blog so I will just assume you know a thing or two about me. 

So I was a bit nervous because coming in late can be a bit too stand out and in my mind I concluded everybody had already related with each other which would make me the odd one out but was I so wrong, there was a lot of interaction and my nerves went 110-0 real quick. 

We talked about our love for self and business growth, how best to reach our target audience our speakers were versed in giving practical tips and advices, we played interactive GAMES...

This was a personal highlight and we got a winner.

I was greatly impressed by Chelsea's hosting skills! Can I just say #WCE she excelled on the mic and in style. 

Basically if you were looking for non-stop good vibes, food & drinks on refill, constant inspiration...then bingo! 

There were performances by khen, ebuka (his soulfulness took my heart away) 

There were discounts on branding and logos by @13thstate, photographer @tonyzitta covered the Hangout 
Others included musicians, Brands, Bloggers they were all present;

Demi, blogger at

Efe Oraka musician extraordinaire 

Blogger friend Larisa of larisaLefleur and salma of Dearsalmah, 

Tony zitta, 13th state amongst other attendes interested in how to be and create influence

Overall I did enjoy meeting people and personalities, creatives, being enlightened about some brands (kudos to Pamela, can't wait to have a boo so I can get beautiful well cared for flowers from you to gift) blogging events are the best to network and chill out basically but it wouldn't really be me if I didn't say a thing or two about fashion and style at the Hangout and it seemed everyone came out with comfort styling in mind, there was nothing over the top or less than expected. 

So thank you very much for organizing for organizing such a well thought out event, there was detailed propern as to everything and I loved it I am so glad I attended it was a great opportunity to socialize with people, FYI they all had lovely personalities. 

To say the least their was no down side about this Hangout, I had only hoped that it had closed a little earlier because I needed enough sleep to prepare me for work the next day, yep I work on Saturdays sometimes. I would definitely go to another of the Esquire network event because the experience was amazing. 
This post is coming in late and I hope you forgive me for that compiling and writing and can get rough but I hope you were able to get a sneak peek in to what happened at the event and if you attended I hope you reminisce happy memories.
Have you been to a blogging event? Would you go back if you received an invite? Is there any event coming up you would like to attend? Please leave a comment and don't forget to check out Esquire Network on IG and Twitter

Thank you so much for reading this post, I'll see you in my next post. 

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