Haul tales for Aug '17

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

It’s the first post this month and i always use the first few days of the new month as an opportunity to buy a few items to change my wardrobe and this august i patronised Abuja's Wuse and Garki old market and each item was completely fab, before i went to the market i had previously sourced for places to buy affordable, unique items without the hassle (that aunty come and buy my own, my colour this one will fit you, holding and dragging you lifestyle) and Wuse and Garki market were the most advanced.
I haven't been to the market in months because of my service year so this haul was absolutely a revival and below are the items i got and their prices.

            SPLURGE                                                                                                      STEAL

        Zara boots - #5,000                                                                                Elle paris bodysuit- #300
                                                                                                                       Embroidery jeans- #1000
                                                                                                                       Wing ring- #100
                                                                                                                       Earring- #100

when your shoe size exceeds 38 lets just saw finding an affordable shoe in your size is like trying to find that your earring hook that fell of when you were putting on your top. yeah shoe life is hard life for the ladies with big feet, so when i saw this Zara snakeskin boots in size smaller than my feet i tried it on with faith and rejoiced when it fitted me so perfectly.

SPLURGE                                                                                                        STEAL
2-toned shoe - #4500                                                                           Patent jacket - #1000
                                                                                                             Gucci mini purse - #300
                                                                                                             Fringe earring- #100

Flower necklace- #150 (this one in particular has worked its way up to one of my favourites)
floral earring- #100

Khaki X-strap gown- #300
2-way handbag & backpack- #1000

          STEAL                                                                                           STEAL

Fringe top- #200                                                                   2-piece dungaress - #300
                                                                                              Bead A-line dress- #300

                                                                  The naked gown: #300

            Dream catcher earring - #100

Shopping for me has never really been about whats in style, that doesn't mean i don't buy trendy items when i see the the trends i like, its more of a "i buy with the flow" which is really not the best advice to put out their because it can blowup your budget so please always plan your shopping, write a list of what you want to buy, estimate a price and always leave a few extra change for that "incase purchase" because its the market you are likely going to see an item you like but didn't budget for. 

So thats that for now until next time please keep visiting the blog and encouraging this fashion movement there are some changes coming soon and i would really like for you not to miss out.

Have great month ahead and don't let the rain steal your play.

The Stylelinguist

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  1. Omg I think I've found yet another blogger crush! Your steals are amazing, please oh next time you're going shopping drag me along! I didn't think it was possible to get clothes under N500 in this Abuja! Was it Wuse or Garki you got the under 300s from? Please oh spill. You have a nice eye, might I add!

    1. Ayyy! I'm officially flushed! Thank you Amaka. I got most of the clothing items at Wuse. Sure thing, thanks again and I hope you always feel me a reason to check out my blog again


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