Thursday, August 31, 2017

If you are on team #isewmyclothesonehourbeforeigoout say I! wondering why i would start a post like this? read on and be inspired!

I came upon this denim dress one of the days I went shop surfing with a friend, i had already made up my mind to not buy anything but I somehow bought this dress at a really affordable price and I regretted it when I got home after realising how plain it was. 

But 1 hour before my lunch break with blogger babe Larisa of I had my bag packed, my hair laid, my makeup done but no idea of what I was going to wear but like it happens in all our favorite animations a light bulb appeared above my head and I got the idea of attaching my abandoned Ankara pieces to spice up this dress. 

It is such a fast and simple diy that all you need is:

  • a plain monotone material 
  • Patches (Ankara, stick ons) 
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • and your friend calling you every 10 secs to find out just how 'almost there you are' lol

We hung out at Easy bite and I had try out the sprinkle doughnut and beef jacket for the name (spoiler alert it's meat pie). I ordered for water because there was no fancy drink and Diet Coke just wasn't cutting it. 

So my birthday is on the 3rd of this month! Virgo cause I'm fantastic! I have nothing planned yet but I hope I'm able to experience so much positivity on that day and the whole new year! And yes I am in that receiving birthday gifts mood from now till 1 week after my birthday, So keep them coming; packaged gifts, monetized gifts, collaboration gifts, shoutout gifts, wake-up-to-a-birthday-message gift, you name it! 

(Funky decor speaks to me so I took a pic because of the exterior at easy bite in wuse 2)

It's a short post but I hope after reading this you are able to turn your fashion buys into your personal styles.

The Stylelinguist 

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  1. Lovely write up,I love what you did with the denim there (the_Estephany)

  2. Lovely write up,I love what you did with the denim there (the_Estephany)

  3. Thank you very much Stella! creativity can occur with pretty much anything.


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