The Stylists guide to wearing Gingham X not so regular Denim

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"You may need to break out the toolbox for this one without looking average, that is. Be better than the average baby!"

Living in Nigeria, we don’t exactly have specific seasons that tell us what to to wear or what not, which makes denim jeans a favourite all rounder. its a time saver for one because if you ever need a quick fix me up your jeans is a go to, however because of how often we need the denim jeans to rescue us sometimes it can get a little regular-degular and sometimes we splurge a little too much in buying our jeans and one day you wake up and realise you have 5 blue denim jeans, 4 black jeans and nothing to wear. 

Hey but thats okay, if you have ever felt a “meh?” certain kind of way when you look at your jeans collection it means your jeans need a little pick me up boost. nooooo don’t you dare toss that jeans in your back closet! it had your back when your mum wanted you to run an errand to the neighbourhood market real quick, the least you could is give it a new face lift.

With that being said, there are several ways to give your jeans a new look but today its about Pearling your jeans. (yes you heard me alright, i hand stitched each of these pearly goodness on my jeans).

Your mind is probably asking all these questions like;

your mind: is it time consuming?
my answer: it depends, on a scale of 1-10 how determined can you be?

your mind: based of home management practicals in secondary school i know needles are not exactly friendly
my answer: Blood, sweat and tears, no one could have sang that better than Eminem.

your mind: is it worth?
my answer: yes, yes it is, your creative juices will thank you forever, your friends will want you to make one for them and strangers will envy you, but you won’t really care cause you look fly as hey!

Six years ago if you had given me anything Gingham i would have scratched nails and ugly cried but in the previous year, this trend has seen a big boom from household tablecloth to high street fashion wear! now thats a climb! I got this top at a pop up thrift market somewhere along NEXT junction in Abuja.

So if you must have stylish jeans you might as well have them with a little something something, you know a pearled jeans, ripped scuffs, side splits and the everyones all time favourite because of how easy it is; a trendy top.

Think of it this way the world is your very own big DIY project, cut sew and patch your way around it.

The Stylelinguist. 

                               (what do you think about this post? would you like a DIY video?)

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  1. You must be artistic, with lots of patience! The end result of the denim is lovely. Lovely bag by the way.

  2. Thank you very much Alexandra, about the patience I kept going on with an image of the turnout and it was definitely worth it 💋


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