Prada, Floral Power

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Fact: Floral season is upon us and this trend genuinely makes everyone happy maybe its the fact that it reminds us summer is almost upon us or just how fun flower prints can be. 

Personally i don't have typical days and thats the best thing about being able to do what you want. everyday is completely different especially in the fashion sense and on most of these days comfort styling is my go to. With major influence from my university a formal shirt and trousers with flats are a uniform classic so if i have to dress up with needing to dress up its a go to. you know what they say-Easy does it!

Floral season usually resonates cute frilly dresses but reinventing fashion means there's more floral formal shirts, jeans, trouser suits amongst other clothing items. 

Putting this combo together was a no brainer, the output however was very pretty! and because i am my creative self always looking for ways to look different i needed to make sure i wasn't wearing fashion but style hence this cute unexpected layering.

This Shop Maju lace brassiere is probably the cutest wardrobe item i own and its a fashion plus for me as frothy lace is showing up everywhere on the catwalks to street style 
it is a two piece top with a tee shirt and i loved that i got it, i haven't been able to wear the set together yet but I'm sure its gonna be anytime now.  

This vintage silk flower print shirt was delivered to me less than an hour before a meeting i was having after ordering it from The Vintage Closet on instagram. the moment i saw it i had love at second sight for it. 

 I felt i owed everybody the opportunity to see this beautiful detail picture. (closeup picture above)  it received very positive remarks on IG so i thinks that good.                       

Either way you choose to wear your floral this summer make sure it makes people stop and stare cause you won’t be the only one in this trend.
Accessorising with a Prada milano bag was key to pulling this look off 
Vintage closet 100% silk flower shirt from @thevintagecloset
Shop maju two-piece lace brassiere from @shopmaju

You can’t fully immerse yourself in summer without wearing something floral or two, whether its vacation destination plans or off to work the forecast for summer 2017 reads flower trend.

So what do you think about this outfit and how do you intend on jumping on this floral trend this summer?

*Photos taken by Sola Fagbemi

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  1. The detailed shot is really nice. I love this look!!! I'm here for anything vintage and lace, couldn't be better than that.

  2. I know right! Photography is amazing. Thanks a lot dear!


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