Safari Feels

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Along with the crafted hats and the artsy embellishments, one of the most obvious pillars of the Safari feels is the white whites. Safari according to the Online dictionary draws its history of Africa. Africa is blessed and known for its roof high canopy trees, jungles, wildlife etc. But just because safari is all wildlife and jungle sights doesn't mean it can't be cool and polished. 

In fact it's muted tones and oftentimes exotic patterns makes it a necessary wardrobe staple.
The trick to keeping it fresh and modern is all in the styling. The most modern way to wear one of these styles is with white. Whites over earthy tones as long as you bear your environment in mind. Matter of fact as I wore this outfit I had the whole artsy African vibe in mind after researching on the Nkoyo restaurant beforehand which resulted in this combination. And there lies style advice no:
1. Fire knowledge of where you are headed is always a good idea as it helps you plan not just your clothing but your composure. For example this outfit in the work place is all sorts of wrong. 

Everything I wore kind of stood out on its own the hat which I got from arts and craft village, Abuja over 2 years ago, the white asymmetrical dress because who dares wear white in dusty dry Abuja and wear it so well, this woven craft and leather bag which I got from Morocco (BTW vacation spot or what?)  and my nude perforated sandals was bought on the streets of Brixton in London. 

Today's post is a two in one post cause I decided to take the advice of a blogger friend princess of Princess Audu (see, I don't only give advice I also take them) on Instagram where she suggested I begin a lifestyle section which I'm jumping into. I'm still learning the ropes of it and how tedious it may be but I'm going into it fearless and full force. 

You all know how I make a habit of eating out with friends and stuffs so was this day
I and Sola of Sola Fagbemi went on a brunch break at Nkoyo Restaurant in Ceddi plaza, Abuja. The first thing anyone would notice I promise you is the full embrace of Africa from the sculptures to the beaded curtains , the carved wooden seats, the Africa print table cloth to even the ensemble of the waiters. 
I can't say that the menu was as African as their environment however I would definitely go their again for tourists attractions, hosting a work get together or just good ol' lunching. 

I wasn't able to get pictures of a lot but this simply means I'm going to go back there for a proper lifestyle induction for you all and of course for my tummy, they give table compliments and I mean did you all see the food we had? it was not even close to breaking my purse). 

And that's it for today on the blog so the moral of this post goes as follows: safari styling makes you standout fierce and stylish in appropriate places. Try new fun things, I mean you can't suck or be really good at it until you try and lastly invest in natural African pieces those things have such lifelong span. 

(Btw, if you have tips on how to make a lifestyle post more lifestylely please leave a comment so I can take your input and produce the best output. 

Have a lovely week ahead 

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