Night robe as Day wear

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I know the adage goes time waits for no man and everybody is in a hurry to somewhere but we fail to understand that even time permits roadblocks, bumps and several stop and slow down time and the reason why this happens is because there is something important something crucial you need to learn on this time journey before time permits you to catch up, learning the lessons means you caught up well enough not figuring out the reason time left you behind means you are probably up for another time gap.

Now that I'm done intuitive senior talk let me tell you something about my absence which I won't apologize for this time because it was unavoidable.
So y'all know how I have been slacking in my blogging area. Initially I thought blogging was a phase (anyone interested in fashion would go through) it took a while to realize all i needed was to just breathe, let go and let be. The Bible says violent taketh it by force and that is perfectly understandable but the calm is more calculated as to what is being taken.  In less words I needed this one year break to discover and set out goals to be achieved.
 (btw: y'all need to set goals those little scribbles are really important and no it's not too late you don't have to wait for a new year to do that, don't let time leave you behind willingly)

By now you would have figured out that I was on a blog break but not a style break, wearing night wears in daytime has become quite trending that includes your PJ's but this trend is tricky where you could slay effortlessly in STRIPED button up night shirts and pants or like what I'm wearing a silk long night robe you might achieve such flawlessness with you Disney ever after teenage dream night wear but of course this is fashion you can never say.

However a piece of fashion advice if you are going to rock the Night robe as Day wear trend:
1. Try to look as awake as possible, trade in your slip one for fashionable flats or heels.
2. Night wears with stripes and flower entwined patterns are go for 2027.
3. You are wearing a night wear doesn't mean you are going to bed (you will need confidence to pull this trend)
4. Still double minded about this trend: try out a kimono jacket or a boyfriend shirt over slacks or mom jeans and if you are comfortable in those I promise you will look even more stylish in a Night Wear Style.

Still on my blog break; Some of you might think oh she's back and probably game changing ready and I will say maybe yes however I need to let you all understand that you can't figure out the things in/of life in a day/week/month/year something's even an eternity of ones life you just have to be prepared to go with the flow.

                                                       OUTFIT DETAILS
My robe is Marks and Spencer, my jeans were pearled DIY style and I'm not sure about my purse but I'm sure grateful for it.

Today's post is quite lengthy and I'm glad you took out time to read through, I hope you learnt a thing in two in both time and style I would love to hear your comments below.

 Hope you have an amazing week and don't forget to Glide with the tides, Darling.

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  1. Welcome back girl, I see you got a new camera lol. As for the outfit, I can't say I'm a big fan of this trend but you rocked it good, I love the pearl studded jeans too. And cute purse, like really cute purse.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you so much, it's good to be back. Yeah it's quite something but when you nail a look it's almost an achievement. Thanks again

  2. I enjoy seeing nightwear worn well as day wear but I doubt I would wear one myself. You sure rocked the look. Loving the jeans with pearls.
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I would personally cheer you on to try out the trend you just might love the turnout. Thank you very much darling.

  3. That purse is everything!! We rocked this trend so similarly, great minds think alike? lol

  4. Funny thing is the purse gets has a shoe! Lol, I know they definitely do! Fashion Einstein's!


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