Brunch with Babes at The Cube

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

From brunch to lunch to plain afternoon tea time, a day off with people you know is always a good idea.

On Tuesday I and some friends- Chisom, Anu and Chigozie had a meetup at The Cube cafe, maitama, Abuja, that I will be forever grateful to Chisom for introducing me to.
It had such an amazing artsy bohemian vibe with Ankara floor pillows, art decor, Cain chairs, throw pillows with intricate designs and even more creative a bench chair that doubles for a storage unit. 

Talk about space minimalism.

Cute mood board- flash cards.

Tin cans as artsy flower pots, love

Book club worthy don't you think?!

I had an amazing time, lunch was light, warm and sultry, I ordered a latte and an apple pie and my friends had brownies, croissant and mocha.

It has an ambience of relaxation for a work environment and quite affordable and talk about good, warm and friendly service. Yes I definitely had a good time, with good food, cozy environment and the babes to reminisce with, that's the total brunch package right there.
Everything was perfect, these cute souvenir badges that I don't know why i did not  ask for one, that cute painting, those stacked snackies and of course my outfit.

I wore my over sized modern essentials shirt with, high waist slim jeans and a shoe that looks like kanye's yeezy but ain't it.

the fun part is this denim frayed choker and denim bag which I made on that same day before I went of for my art and design presentation which happened before the brunch and I have to say it got a lot of positive feedback and attention and really how people are actually interested in owning one but that's not for today, today is about a day off for lunch so the next time you want to work from outside or brunch The Cube Cafe is your go-to.

Lifestyle hack: if you are gonna brunch with your boys or lunch with your ladies I will advice a group affair, for brunch dates the more the merrier, 3 is not crowd enough. I promise you with everyone gisting and eating and picking their bill it's an easy and affordable way to have fun.

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  1. Brunch is always a good idea with the people you love. Love your humour and goofy side.


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