How to not get lost in the sauce

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hey lovelies how y'all doing, first and foremost I will like to wish my girl, Victoria a happy birthday in arias, thanks for food and festive hope you had fun.

Now to the reason behind this topic, most times we get invitations most especially late IVs and you just can't whip something up in such a short period of time and you want to stand out without being the center of attraction, well I will be letting you on a trick I always do (yes most of my invitations come late or I just don't get them in time) :

1. There is nothing more saddening as going casual cause you know why, you are probably going to sit down on your way to the occasion praying you are the only one in high waist jeans(and then you are not). So instead you go for what I like to call casual glam, we all know it's better to be overdressed than under dressed.

2. You have got to complement it, outfit is good so is your makeup, makeup free day means good skin day which equals a laid back affair. Accessorize hunnaie, that's all.

3. Whenever you have invites especially birthdays, wedding, baby shower, housewarming, Christmas etc. you don't ever forget to bring a gift, driving over your gift with your car cause you were in a hurry is no excuse, I mean the gift doesn't even have to be wrapped.

4. Another gifting idea, you might to gift something that every invitee could partake in. Please this does not include weddings, it would just be a sanctimonious mistake.

5. You all heard that "I'm not late every other person is just simply too early", that's a mantra right there, especially when you are a Nigerian and you now that Nigeria time thing is real.

6. Fortunately for me, the month of August has been one full of invitations and places to go to from parties to wedding and all in all I have realized that comfort is welcoming, to not get lost in the sauce you are going to need to be comfortable head to toe cause you may not the activities planned out for the day and showing up in those public desire lace up heels at a Goal bazaar is gong to stand you out for sure but for all the wrong reasons just as showing up in lingerie attire at a charity reach out just sends several wrong signals.

So that's that for today, by the way the pictures I have here were taken with my phone camera at my friend me birthday, the ensue was at children park and zoo, Asokoro and it was bomb!! and y'all can see us none of us got lost in the sauce.

About my outfit, the rose gold camisole came from my mums wardrobe, the white pleated skirt was longer and if you look closer you may notice a tuck which I did to give it a glam effect: tennis court outfit, my channel hair tie was a means to keep my hair in check (by the way the hair growth is encouraging) and this cute little number, the purse which also came from my mums wardrobe. This purse is so cute it deserves it own blog post and fun fact: the are twosies -two bags in one.
Oh and if your outfit already looks standout worthy, you may want to stay on the quiet side so you don't draw too much attention because there is such thing as bad attention.

My style advice for today is already posted on my IG page, check it out cause the feeling may be mutual.

So before I sign out a big shout out to y'all: Vicki thanks for the invite, Kennie thanks for that mouth watering cupcake, Retna gat that photography skills in the bag yo!, Shalom you put the fun in well-FUN,  Mary, Cynthia and Margaret great to see ya.
Now y'all have a glam week ahead, you stand up, you stand tall and don't let nobody mix you up.

The Stylelinguist

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