Scarf Surfing

Thursday, January 21, 2016

    The thing about being in an environment where you are restricted to certain rules, expected to behave in a particular manner and also dress in a formal attire, things begin to look basic which is currently my present situation, i am currently in school and there are certain rules to abide by.

The reason behind this "long story" is i had worn this outfit last week for lectures but i swapped one thing for the other, the heels were swapped for black brogues, instead of the brown sling bag i had on my black undercover bag and the scarf was definitely not present, exactly my point: basic. However i got the idea to throw in an accessory that could pop the entire outfit because honestly speaking the look  without the scarf would be bland and this was the finish effect.

On my Instagram page, i remember saying "accessories can really make a difference to a a look" which is the "short story" to this post. So considering the weather is not favorable to jewelries, i concur it will be wise to invest in flimsy scarfs for the head, neck (nothing over-board) because of the heat but something that can give a light reach elegant look to an outfit.

 The combination of accessories to these look gave me an extra confidence boost and i loved every moment, so sell what you are wearing and make sure you believe in every piece you put on.

                       All pictures taken by STJPHOTOGRAPHY.

                                                        Outfit Deets.
                                             Jacket: DIY (made it myself)
                                             Top: Zara basic white tee
                                             Trouser: Next
                                             Scarf: Versace
                                             Shoe: Atmosphere

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  1. "Make sure you believe in every piece you put on" yass! The scarf definitely made the whole look more fun. Your blog is pretty

  2. The scarf does add a significant touch to the look but overall you look great.

  3. Your outfit looks really nice. I absolutely do agree with you that accessories can make an outfit.


  4. Love the shoes. The outfit is lovely


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