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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 Happy new year Hunnies! what a time to be alive yeah? All thanks to God for taking us all into the new year.

      So i thought it would be cool if i started the year by raiding all available restaurants at my disposal and topping my list was the Kung Fu Chinese restaurant and Nigerian cuisine.


The restaurant is so pretty and quite age friendly. Most importantly apart from just how amazing the meal is, they have a live band performance, like it doesn't get cooler than that, and without trying to be goofy i tried to speak Korean which i was quite sorry about when i realized not only was it a Chinese restaurant but my Korean was a total mess. Well to be fair to myself, i always think they are the same. I was so wrong and no amount of Korean movie could have saved me from the good laugh the Chinese fellow had but i kept my cool and promised him to learn as much Chinese as i can.


They are so customer friendly especially this new acquaintance i made his name is Timmy and he is from Edo. He was totally cool and i could def speak English with him,  he didn't mind taking a picture either.


 He was patient enough to take i and my friend who is very choosy, on a tour of the meal, those he had tried, known delicacies and all.
 I settled for the Singapore noddles, it was something new and honestly tasty for the buds i mean it had shredded meat in it! at a very affordable price of 2,000 Naira and the Carlo Rosse wine which i regretted after a taste (what can i say, i'm not a wine person), that was about 1,800 Naira.

Then down to the environment, honestly for a restaurant that had just opened and wasn't up to a year yet, they look pretty put together, the color coded flowers that made a pretty aisle decoration, the water blowing fan which, Timmy kept convincing me was to keep the restaurant cool and not to purposely splash cool water on me, the Kung Fu Ad-man who kept on reminding me of Jackie Chan and its not much of a surprise that lot of their customers are Asians, talk about a home away from home.

The Kung Fu restaurant is located at Alibro Atrium Plaza, No.32 Ekukinam Street, Utako, and they are open all through the week, if you want to meet the live band music they play on Thursday Friday and Saturday.


The funny thing is i always go by this plaza to pick up my delivery packages from their delivery point and i never really knew about this place, which brings me to a new resolution -("to not just exist but to live") until i was on my regular IG stalk and came across @ABUJAEATS i was amazed and by the next day i was sitting and mealing.

So today was a day well spent, i left with a full tummy of good Chinese meal and bits and pieces of Chinese language which ranges from Nín hǎo which means hello, Xièxiè which means thank you and Zàijiàn which means bye. 

Big shout out to @ABUJAEATS, frances, sunday, choo, and timmy.

Cheers to new beginnings.

Outfit Deets

Corset: Topshop
Skirt: Missguided
Bag: Ferragamo
Sunglass: Dior
Shoe: Iggy Azelea by Steve Madden

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  1. You already know know how I feel about this look! Everything just works perfectly together but especially love your skirt. As for the restaurant perhaps I'll check it out when next I'm in town cause this places is so hyped now.
    Princess Audu


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