Wednesday, November 04, 2015

     Today marks a year since i became The Styleinguist on and what a journey it has been so far. I have been able to meet some people and engage in activities i would only have dreamed of and gosh have i loved all of them. So major thanks to God for bringing me thus far, my Mobbites that kept on reading my posts, commenting, endless support, emails etc. Thank you guys so much.

    The past year has not exactly been very rosy but its nothing that passion and dedication couldn't have sorted out. I began this blog with the aim to reach out to people and have people reach out to me, a way of sharing my fashion and style journey with whoever cared to listen and also because i am a lover of I was aware of my love for fashion ever since i was little, i began my fashion journey by drawing, yes i am also an artist.I wake up draw my version of a barbie doll and sketch various pattern and cuts of clothes on them, then when i was able to use a scissor without being a risk to my self i began to cut fabrics which i could lay my hands (and yes i laid my hands on a lot, from the curtains at home, to the bed sheet, table covers lol and many more i guess, my mom would be a better judge of that) on to sew or glue barbie doll size clothes. pretty cool huh? and now several years later i am driven with a particular mission in mind "To dominate, one outfit at a time" until i fulfill my fashion and style dream.

     I bet someone is going through this post and is like, she doesn't look like shes celebrating, where are the balloons or she isn't even smiling enough, to address that i am not exactly a gallivanting person and i thought the balloon shenanigan was going to be cliche which of course it's my way of saying that i didn't get the particular balloon i wanted. Pretty corny huh?
Moving on,  i will drop 5 advice that has kept me going for a while now and i do hope you find this useful to an extent and these advice are not limited to just aspiring bloggers but every and anyone trying to birth a dream, procure a vision or begin a mission.

1. To have genuine passion about whatever your interest may be is key. the result may not be exactly immediate but passion will always persevere.
2. Don't expect people to understand your hustle, it belongs to you not them
3. You need a purpose to be able to identify you from the millions already out there.
4. Your starting point does not tell your finishing point, so start where you are don't search for excuses concerning limited resources.
5. consistency(i am still working on this) and commitment pays off. my mum always told me that there was really no need to do a particular thing if you wont do it to the very best of your capability.

     Personally and blog-wise i am not where i want to be yet but i am 365 days past where i once was so continue to believe in yourself and honestly with God all things are possible.
     Thank you to everyone who has stood by me these past year, a massive thanks to my mom for not thinking this was a crazy idea, my amazing bestie Victoria for always having words of encouragement to pass on to me oh and my schoolmates who are just too generous with the fashion nicknames and recognition. Thank you all so much and major love to you all.

Keep up with me.

The Stylelinguist.
                                                    Outfit Deets
                                                  Top: Qed london
                                                  Skirt: Missguided
                                                  Shoe: Breckelle's
                                                  Clutch: Vintage

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  1. congratulations Mabel.
    i love ur picture, i went through ur blog yesterday ur pictures and ur writes were absolutely lovely

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you like the follow up posts too.

  2. Congratulations on turning one!! Lovely outfit too, you can never go wrong with black and white. Nice shoes ❤❤❤

  3. Thanks for the blogging advice, I really wanted this kind of motivation.. I just found out abt your blog and I'm in love with it already. Happy one year anniversary!!! I blog at

  4. I lovee the way that yellow shoe pops the whole outfit! And the purse is adorable.
    PS - I can't find your blog on blogspot oo, how do I follow you naa?

    1. That's really nice, thanks. If you have a goggle account you can just search my name: Mabel Ozumba and you can follow me there or you can follow my blog via email. That way you can get posted when here is a new blogpost. Thanks again.


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