Sweater Excellence pt 3

Thursday, October 01, 2015


   Happy Independence Day!!! to my country and country people, NIGERIA. We are 55 today and by God just like fine wine, we shall get better with age.
   Down to today's post, i really have to thank my photographer, The Fifographer, like he came through, first it was a late shoot like 5pm -6pm late and this outfit with a wrong camera and user may have been as terrible as terrible gets. I came up with this outfit with the weather in mind, although in my school it can get really sunny and just a little cold but nevertheless in other parts of the country the weather can be really devastating, so with that i decided to create a sweater/jacket outfit for the day-night glam.


        I was a bit conflicted on this outfit at first because honestly speaking it doesn't look like it should be right, with overtly printed skirt, striped and tasseled poncho, no one needed to tell me a black accessory was the way to go. Lloyd was able to bring in a classic look with a zipped leather jacket, he transitioned this look from a classic leather biker look to an all niter affair. and yass! he made them black and brown color work too.

     Dont know about y'all but Jay-Z and Beyonce may find it a little difficult to pull this off, talk about taking that whole "power couple" to a whole new level. (and no he is not my boyfriend he's my cool as ice friend who I'm seriously contemplating to be a co blogger with me, that will make the blog so versatile, i could handle the female posts while he does for the male, i mean you can all agree with me that he is def stylish).

Mabel's outfit deets                                                       Llyod's Outfit Deets

Poncho: Thrift                                                                Jacket: Topman
Skirt:Glamor Babe                                                          Shirt: H&M
Shoe: Shiekh                                                                  Trouser: Marks&Spencer
Clutch: Almondo originals                                           Satchel: H&M
Sun glass: Dapmod                                                       Sun glass: Ray Ban reflectors
Earrings: (fashion jewelry) Jumia                                Shoe: Berlutti
                                                                                         Wristwatch/lapel: Casio
                                                                                          Hat: Fedora

     Finally we've come to the end of the Sweater excellence hope you guys liked it, if you have a comment on how it went, what you would have wanted to see, questions on whatever, do leave a comment or send me an email and i will get back to you. And no this doesn't mean i will disapper into thin air because this is done, i will infact stay in touch but i most definitely can not promise y undivided attention.

     Thank you my MOBBITES and y'all have a great day ahead.

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  1. Am really impressed with this post... Superb๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  2. This post is definitely superb, you both look really stylish.


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