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Friday, October 16, 2015

   Do you have a difficult time finding an outfit that's both comfortably casual yet stylish enough? Well that's what i had going on while in need of inspiration. Anyways i came up with this look for an effortless-fashionable-laid back look. 
    First of all its unbelievable how this outfit was able to entail a lot of 2015 trend;the Lacey skirt, mini and maxi length skirt, leather and lace up crop top. Unfortunately i wasn't able to get  a back picture showing the detail of the leather crop top but I'm pretty sure i will be wearing it a lot so a back picture will be coming up soon. its definitely one of my best recent hauls.

      And with the weather transition i have found all sorts of ways to compliment lightweight pieces with fall essentials and vice versa, the lightweight being the Lacey skirt (i mean its extra breezy and you can always bring out "them legs" to play) and a perfect staple piece to a leather top. I am not even into sandals but I'm digging this look, its comfortable and very different from what i usually do, i mean need i say more?

      I love the simplicity and minimalism it portrayed, wish i had gone for a neat and more plain background. Scroll down for outfit deets, so simple its almost easy to forget. The head chain gives it a look that can ride from coachella festivities to a walk in park with bae.

     And that's that for today stay tuned darlings for more up coming posts

 Outfit Deets
Head chain: Asos
Crop top: Missguided
Skirt: Thrifted
Sandal: Atmosphere

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