Asymmetric stripe on stripe

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hello lovelies, guess who played dress up today?!!! So i have seen most bloggers really into the stripe on stripe trend, from Margaret zhang to shoestova, soraya of styleismything and so many others do their version of it.

      I have to say i was a bit skeptic about the stripes but considering style is all about taking risks, i decided to take the stripe risk but trust me to employ an insurance policy. My insurance policy of this look was to make it as minimal as possible hence the white and baby pink stripe shirt.

     So when i received my pictures back after the blog shoot, some friends of mine saw them and was like oh wow! your tummy looks really flat, your hips look well balanced and i realized that was true so i got the idea to tell my mobbites my workout routine before a shoot.

     I always startup with workout sessions, which i just started with a trainer in my school, precious.  I can be ver y lazy and he is just  an extra fit person when it comes to excersises so you can imaine. anyways i start with some sit up side twists right side (5), left side (5), front (5) and we gradually increase the number three times in a row. Then i do some leg lifts, that should tone the abdomen and squats for the thighs. thats pretty much it apart from lazy night jogs. And although im not exceedingly proud about this, i try not to eat a day before my shoot all i take is water until after the shoot. So aside from mini workout routine, an amazing photographer can help locate your good sides and just make it work. so major shoutout to The Kore Brand!!!

    Now this outfit can transition into a workwear, all you have to do is unknot the shirt tie, tuck the shirt in and put on a sleeveless long jacket, switch the clutch purse for a bag and you are goo to go.

     Hope you enjoyed todays post, and guess what my blog will be a year older in a bit, specifically on the 4th of novemebr, so how about we save that date.
Have a lovely weekday ahead.

Outfit Deets.
Shirt: T.M Lewin
Trouser: Thrifted
Shoe: Justfab
Clutch: Vintage store
Glasses: Gift from a friend.

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