Sweatshirt Excellence pt 2

Saturday, September 19, 2015


     There are those days when i wake up and be like all i want to do is look cool and really the best way I've always achieved this look is by always staying true to simple. And I've realized that when i go for that casual look i usually turn out way cooler than i bargained for or that i actually am.

      Ono Lloyd is putting on the customized WALKER sweatshirt by REBELXLION (i love me some WALKER label), check out the Instagram page here https://instagram.com/rebelxlion/   for purchase and more detail. so to my MOBBITE male y'all might want to take a look at this one, its very possible to look chilled and still composed to hangout in pants and a sweatshirt as opposed to the usual sweatpants.

   Here i am wearing my major throwback wool sweater (ive had for nearly 8 years), white cotton highwaist pants, and pufferated soft sole brogues. by the way who said black and brown combo was a bad idea? that definitely does not apply to this outfit, the brown satchel contradicts the outfit positively.

     This look was put together for those roll out of bed, jump into the shower, run your hand through your hair, pick up your backpack and hang with friends. The initial sweatshirt i had in mind for my outfit was the COVENANT UNIVERSITY X NACK APPAREL Sweatshirt, mine was in the purple acid wash color but unfortunately it was a tad to small so that's that, maybe if im able to shed a little weight i could do a post with it but until then this is to y'all out there especially my CU students styling your school stuffs; sweatshirt with the logo and al can stil look pretty amazing.

Mabel's outfit deets                                                       Llyod's Outfit Deets

Sweater: Old navy                                                         Sweatshirt: WALKER (REBELXLION) 
Trouser: Aphrodite                                                       Hat:Fedora
Shoe:  Newlook                                                             Trouser: Zara

Satchel: H&M                                                               Sun glass: Ray Ban reflectors
Sun glass: Ray Ban  Reflectors                                  Shoe: Relay

Jewelry: Topshop                                                         Hat: Fedora
Hat: Aliexpress                                                             Wristwatch: Casio

      Hope you had a good read, stay tuned for the last but definitely no the least on Sweater excellence pt3.

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