Sweatshirt Excellence pt 1

Saturday, September 19, 2015


     Thanks for all the kind words, check up and questions concerning my blog welfare you all (MOBBITES RULE) sent to my mail (didn't get much about my own welfare though) lol. but no biggie, concerning the lack of a blog post for almost four months,  to make a public address on that issue, i was a little too preoccupied with IT (working in a bank and a part time magazine editor is not as easy as you may think) and driving lessons. Gotta say i enjoyed this previous break, i got to tour a little, there's a  lot about my country that if I'm being sincere i need to learn.

     The other day i had the pleasure of collaborating with my friend, Ono Lloyd and photographer Fifo on the perfect prep school outfit. Truth be told this topic is a perfect definition of my school sense of style; that is according to the school rules, but my outfit is such a big hell NO! in my school. However most of us can still rock this back to school look, i mean this is a pretty bad ass-studious look that i and Lloyd pulled off. I never knew i will ever say this but we would be the coolest kids. 

      I think its pretty obvious what we used the sweater to do in this look. We all went through that high school stage,teenage days, post teenage days and  some of y"all are still going through it and if you really look deep you will realize that a lot of how you dress depends solely on your sweaters and all, so i think its basic to say that it's a piece you will want to invest in. Pulling off the preppy look is pretty easy fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly etc. have done this. Just think how will i like to look if i were in high school. You will need your; pullover sweaters, a woven leather belt, chinos, pearl necklace, gold bangle, loafers, cotton dungarees/pinafore, polo shirts, popped collar, oxfords, brogues, thigh high boots, satchel and backpacks . lol the list seems unending, just remember you don't necessarily need all this, find out which of it you have and pull something back to school-ish together.

     Now to address my boots, i got them at a ridiculous price and the annoying little thing is it is so picky, i mean i know its obvious but when you consider the exuberant price, not-so comfortable heel and well its not so versatility  its a piece i wont advice anyone to invest on. Don't get me wrong i love these boots, i mean for the price i got them for i don't have a choice; its either love me or regret this decision forever.

Mabel's outfit Deets                                                      Llyod's Outfit Deets

Sweater: Club room                                                       Sweatshirt: Thrift

Skirt: Mr Price                                                                Shirt: Zara

Boot: Just fab(shoe geeks)                                          Trouser: Vickers
Satchel: H&M                                                                Satchel: Thrift

Sun glass: Geeks                                                           Sun glass: Ray Ban reflectors
Shirt: Atmosphere                                                         Shoe: Berlutti
Jewelry: Topshop                                                         Wristwatch: Casio
     Thanks for stopping by, i however urge you guys to stay tuned for pt 2 and pt 3 and they will be coming in pretty soon too. please leave a comment, questions or appreciation, promise to respond as soon as i can.

See ya later on the  blog

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  1. This is really nice and stylish, well done

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Lloyd, couldn't have done it without your help though


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