Vintage love affair

Saturday, May 02, 2015

     And today from the stable of the Stylelinguist I present to you this ruffle-bundle of colors-vintage skirt. In my mind I imagine a round of applause going on. Why? Because this is one of those many outfits you get from your mum which she had before you came along as a child and then she gives it to you, sees you wearing and becomes so proud. So just incase mum if you get to read this post, I finally wore the skirt and love it but not as much as I love you!

    In this post I decided to keep it simple the nude low heels as a perfect blend to the multicolored skirt and light green packet shirt. This will be a good Sunday look or casual Friday work outfit. I've always had both attire for as long as I can remember, the skirt actually as a jacket/blazer I'm yet pull that one off but I will do that soon. The shirt I've had for almost 3 years now and this is the first I woreit. Frankly I was surprised it still fit, I expected it to be smaller or  something. 

     To all MOB readers who have probably realized a repeat in my background pictures that's because I'm still in school so I have limited access to what I do and also because I'm too lazy to hunt for other amazing places to shoot but for y'all I could try though.

                                                                  Outfit deets
Packet shirt: Skirt: vintage Shoe: Wristwatch: Thrifted 
Photographer: Gabriel olabode.
The Stylelinguist 

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