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Friday, May 01, 2015


    Every now and then you get lucky to find an accessory that's worth blogging about. And that accessory is my cat sunnies. I still believe I look and feel like batman when I wear them. I've been doing a lot of online shopping preparing for a summer haul and this piece is definitely a catch.
(Details on where to get one or many more like it is below)


     It's pretty obvious I was feeling myself in this shot. Black is a very sassy color with the addition of the technicolor yellow. As usual I decided to style this all black "everythang" except the shoe with an idea of an evening dinner date, considering the fact that I've been getting involved with offices, companies and getting all forms of contract I most definitely will wear this for a corporate dinner affair.
So I threw on the patterned skirt with the shimmery top, oversized sunnies and the yellow shoe and just like that I was good to go.

     I knotted the top to give it a flirty midriff display but still maintain very conventional look. The purse as seen above Is not actually a purse but my beats by Dre headset case. Lol! Ikr. Truth is I didn't have any black clutch that stood exceptionally out and I needed something different so there it is! I mean creativity never gets old.
     While I was getting this outfit ready a friend of mine asked me if I wasn't bothered that my tummy was going to be on display because I wasn't toned, It was funny considering the fact that if I had to listen to what people had to say, I wouldn't even own a blog in the first place. So I told her I wasn't bothered but that doesn't mean I don't need to hit the gym and loose a few.

      So tip for today is do exactly what you want to do, live exactly how you want to live and most of all dress exactly how you feel like. Do you and let every other person be themselves. Positive vibes only! 

                                                                   Outfit deets
Top: Skirt: Shoe: Breckelles Clutch: Beats by Dre case Nose ring: custom made by a friend. Wristwatch: Micheal kors
Sunglass: dapmod. Get them on this Instagram page: @dapmod https://instagram.com/dapmod/

     And that's that for today. I do apologize for the inconsistent blogging. Exams have been coming in hard and fast and i do not want to jinx my blog or exam. But I will try to keep y'all updated. Thanks again and do leave a comment. 
Photographer: Gabriel olabode.

The Stylelinguist 

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