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Buenos Dias! 
     So today's post has been quite delayed, lol thats a joke. its been over delayed! and im sorry about that however I had already created this post but somehow did not publish it. I came across it first on shope Delano (our very own mad hatter) in the literally sense. Her hats make mad sense. You should check out her blog at http://sassyblack.com/.
      It is a campaign that is deep rooted on curbing the attempts of bullying, it stands against those toxic feedbacks and comments posted via social media. It was created by Nicole Alvarez and Tamar Levine, with the hope if making social media an honest and genuine place.
     It aims to encourage people to not apologize for who they are but accept their perfect imperfections  and keep being flawsome.
     So I got some people to help me support this campaign and this is how we did it
Mabel Ozumba

1. I dislike getting personal which is as good as saying I have commitment issues.
2. I'm of the opinion that two is a crowd. Don't get me wrong i believe that friends that slay together stay together but currently I'm still searching for the perfect squad.
3. I'm too much of a critic which speaks volumes based on the fact I'm studying English.
4. I act bold to avoid awkward situations. I'm actually very shy.
5. I'm a cartoon freak. For real! 
6.  I wake up almost everyday wishing I was 10 times smaller in size and funny enough i just wish it and do nothing about it.

Belema Ogulu
1. I have a huge forehead. Lol, like that's the first thing you'll notice when you see me, literally. 
2. My eyesight is really terrible. Really terrible.
3. I over think things a lot. I'm working on it though.
4. I have really big trust issues because of past experiences, but on the bright side, I'm building a great future so hopefully the trust issues will die with the past.
5. I can be really really lazy sometimes. I'm seriously working on this one. It's an expensive flaw.
     So yeah, I guess #iamuncool and #flawsome 👑👑💁

Ono Lloyd 
1. I'm the most troublesome person amongst my friends 😬. I disturb a lot.
2. I sing like beyonce when having my bath but its low key ohhh😷😷
3. I have a bad habit of smoking in the kitchen 😒😒
4. I'm scared of ants and rats forget the muscles😢😶😶
5. I'm a basket of fruit😲😲😵

Victoria Ayeomoni 

1. I'm not school minded.
2. I'm self obsessed.
3. I put up a hard exterior so people don't take me for granted.
4. I can be posseive.
5. I dislike my excessively short self.

Nelson oweazim

1. I am not patient and I can be very stubborn
2. I get tired of people easily.
3. I don't finish everything I start.
4. I am not tall.
5. I whine a lot cause its fun.

Mosunmola salako 

1. I have abnormal toes; at a point in time I had to live in covered shoes.
2. I am not as pretty as people think I am; there's makeup, filter and I'm just kind of photogenic.
3. I am loud nosy and annoying.
4. I am lactose intolerant.
5. I have never been in a relationship. By this i mean I have never said yes to go on a date not because of commitment isssues but of wasted time. I'm just waiting for my personal (brand of heroin). 

Tobi olawepo
1. I'm a hopeless romantic.
2. I could be paranoid sometimes.
3. I'm very conscious of my physical appearance.
4. I could be very temperamental.
5. I watch cartoons a lot.

Dami Abayomi 

1. I'm not comfortable with the fact that I'm shy.
2. I'm not very outspoken.
3. I'm not comfortable with my eating habit.
4. I have a thing for male clothing, I think it's weird.
5. I kind of use drugs for everything...

And that's that...
   If you want to help support this campaign just take a piece of paper and write #iamuncool and take a selfie with it, change it black and white, write 3-5 things about yourself that you wouldn't naturally divulge on social media. For more on this check out the #wearealluncool page on Instagram.

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