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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holla amigos! 
     Yeah it's sweats on sweats in this sweater and sweatpants post. So you know how we all have a place we draw inspiration from, the inspiration for this outfit came from Emmanuel of O&A, He had a picture session where he featured different ways to style a sweat pant. Go to his blog to see them and also check out the blog for other posts. I met him today and if I do say so, he his quite amazing, easygoing and definitely mannered so yes! If you need a shoot, your pictures taken for any occasion, you should contact him. IG: ordinaryandart

   Now over to me, did I question this outfit? Yes. I'm I happy I wore it? definitely. I actually had in mind of wearing the sweatpant and its sweatshirt cause its a two piece, but it seemed a little unoriginal so I did this instead.



     I choose this outfit with the consideration of a casual Sunday look. Nothing too flashy but not shabby looking either. By the way I had several hippie like comments from people.

     And that's that for today. How about you try the sweat trend, you just might like what you'll create. Do leave comments and questions and I will reply as soon as possible.

Outfit deets
Hat: Atmosphere 
Glass: Cartier 
Sweater: Club room 
Shirt: Dorothy Perkins 
Sweatpants: thrifted
Shoe: Atmosphere

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