Mustache on camouflage

Sunday, March 08, 2015

     The past week has been rather flurrying. Last week Friday I got nominated for blogger of the year in my school, which was pretty cool. Although I did not win I enthralled in the idea that as new as this blog is and as little amount of times I actually blog, The Stylelinguist was still recognized. A big whooping thank you to the person/persons who nominated me and to those who voted for me whether by choice or force 😉

     Not to digress too much, today's look is brought courtesy of the black and white obsession I have had lately. This was not what I had planned out for today, I had in mind a black-laced-spandex jumpsuit with a black and white checkered coat (and yes you are right to suppose that is what I will be wearing next week Sunday). I love the fit of this outfit, the cutout, the flirty net thingy going on at the back but most importantly the shoe. I opted for the more than basic camouflage print as against the basic red heels. I mean basic is quite overrated right? And the black skater skirt if you agree with me black is a whole other level of flattery and black on leather? That's some fifty shades of grey something going on. 

      So I know I haven't blogged in about a week and that's because I've got a lot of projects lined up for me. I will be sharing some with any opportunity I get. Oh and they might be money/gift/promotion included so keep your fingers crossed with me. 

      Finally today is national women's day in my country and this me wishing to all the female out there straight from the heart a happy women's day, roll out of bed, put on some makeup, dress up, go to the saloon, treat your self to a spa time and by all means kick your heels up, stay up and out all night and boogie down.
     Do you have a particular way you have decided to spend your women's day or anything to say at all? Do leave a comment and I will get back to you soonest. 
                                                                                                             Have a blessed day!

                                                                 Outfit deets
                                                                 Top: miss rebelle
                                                                 Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
                                                                 Shoe: shoe republica
                                                                 Glass: Cartier

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