Lekki conservative center: omu resort

Saturday, March 14, 2015

     Finally! This is my first lifestyle post on the blog. And that is probably because its an excursion trip. So we came all the way from covenant university, Ogun state to Lekki in Lagos state. It was a very long and bumpy ride.
    Anyways the excursion was to focus on the study of nature, focus on inspiration from nature, imagination and experience. And as an English student this trip should appeal to my more verbose-visual Imagination. 

    We were involved in eco-culture nature watch, and as a blogger I found an opportunity to do pictures/photo coverage. We explored human activities on the natural environment, Eco-conflict,domesticated  environments etc. the fun part is we have create a writing about it. So it was very study concerned. Lol not really...

     In this  excursion we are expected to create short stories, eco-sensual poems nature relate plays or letters from this experience. Unfortunately I can't share that with you right now considering this is an early post and I haven't had a enough time to construct. I was just really excite don sharing my experience with my "MOBBITIES"
Emu. It is the second largest bird after the ostrich. It belongs to the family of birds called ratities. They eat grains, flowers insect, berries and stones.
          Ostrich and ostrich egg

And the king of the jungle came out to play
Or nah! He was quite lazy to be honest. He did not roar or even standup. He just gave as smouldering look and went back to sleep.

The jackal and coyote. They are most active at dawn or dusk. And like the lion and hyena they eat bones, meat etc.
The laughing hyena. Known fact: it laughs and kill its prey.

There were different kinds of fishes, the sword fish, angel fish, eels, the ones that looked like snake, the goldfish etc. but it was a dark room so pictures and videos weren't so clear

Poem "the persistent snail"
(This poem was not written by me)
I have no knees
So I cannot crawl,
But, I will get there anyway.

I have no legs,
So I cannot run,
But, I will get there anyway.
Location: Lekki, omu resort, Lagos, Nigeria. 

       Hope you had fun going through this post. I apologize for not capturing the whole event in the pictures because there was a lot i could do but my battery went low so i couldnt not to worey if you like what you saw i promise there is even more fun than that so come check it out soonest. i hope you have an awesome day ahead. 
✖⚫✖⚫ The Stylelinguist 

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