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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

    Hello beautiful people! Hope you all had an amazing week, unfortunately I can't say the same for my self. In other words my whole week was one big fiasco. Yeah. I lost my "mojo", it was really sucky. I couldn't put any thing together, I got frustrated at every turn, severe mood swing and no it wasn't that time of the month, and as if that wasn't enough it started telling on my outfits. 

     Well enough of that kill joy, some of us might have had days, weeks, month and also years of feeling like this. I'ld like to tell you that it is a shitty feeling and you shouldn't have to deal with that everyday

Reasons why because, it could lead to: 
1. Depression
2. Self doubt
3. Alienation 
4 and after all this there might be suicide attempt. Yes it's possible just from a very horrible not good very bad day.
 So I took upon myself to create some "how to overcome a shitty weekend" 

Step 1
Accept you have lost it.
Most people struggle with the idea behind being frustrated, they don't accept the fact that they are not themselves and live in denial. So first look on the inwards and will yourself to accept the truth.
Step 2
Don't stress it.
When you accept your truth, it is human to begin to search for solutions. Although it is the right thing to do, make sure you do it at your mental and physical pace. Don't let your environment begin to make decisions for you. In other words take your brain, mind and self on break intervals, kick back and relax. And remember all in due time.
Step 3
Look back.
During those break intervals try to take yourself on personal flashbacks. Think of your happy place and what you do that makes you happy. For me its when I draw willingly. So look back at those things that made you smile, amazed you and inspired you and try to get in touch with it.
Step 4
The new classic
By now you should be done with the me time and several steps to getting in touch with yourself. At this point all you have to do is re-identify, re-realize and re-induct yourself and your goals. You begin to eliminate those unsuspecting bad habits you might have picked up before the frustration.
Step 5
Self love
Slowly but surely begin to listen to your self. Those little body language movement that might be ignored if not careful. Our body has a way of telling us right from wrong, good from bad. So you might want to stay plugged in to yourself.
Step 6
Baby steps
In this stage you are finally able to be yourself once again. Been too long huh?! But make sure to remember that once you get your groove on or your mojo back you should be careful not to loose it anytime soon. So in the finally in words of my most experienced college seniors in the '06 "make sure you can walk before you think to run"

     And that's that for today's post. I hope you enjoyed it, i know i did and for those that will want to put to practice I guarantee that it is most effective considering I was in those same shoes less than a week ago and now I'm writing on how to move beyond it. And more Important than anything I had listed earlier prayer is a healing force, so you might also want to reckon with that.

           And now you are ready to go forth into the world and "be happy".     

(NB: this post is not only in relation to fashion choices. It stretches as far as family issues to academic issues.)

The Stylelinguist 

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