College week awards.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

     I have not been able to blog recently because I've been a little too preoccupied, been having styleshoot invitations, mini model boot camp series and notable style and fashion help from people to people, and I will not be proud about it. It's been amazing. I love working with people,meeting new people, making friends and all that.
     So I attended my universities college week dinner titled SWITCH and DELTA MORPH. I don't know the idea behind the name but I imagine they a pretty cool. I also got nominated in the blogger off the year award category and can I just say this I'm writing this post today's before the award show. It was an honor from you all to me and an urge to push every limit to continue blogging. Yeah I'm happy grateful and I thank you all that voted. Whether you actually voted for me or I forced you to vote, this gesture is not wasted on me. I promise to do my best and please you all in doing what I'm good at.
So this ensemble was quite amazing from the blod prints to the very colored two piece. The feel of the fabric was quite amazing although even I will tell myself the truth, I've began add weight which is just yikes through and through. Anyways this outfit is the best look for a summer late afternoon outing with friends.

     And at the dinner award, I'm wearing a twoosie by glamour babe. It's a crop top and skirt, boohoo court shoes. I had no gown to wear at that moment because I found out quite late that I was nominated so I couldn't plan a prope dinner award outfit. However this pictures weren't taking on that day, it was too dark and hot for a post shoot. So I got around doing this a day or two after the dinner award. 
                                                                       Outfit deets
                                                                       Twoosie: Glamour babe
                                                                       Blazer: St. Michael 
                                                                       Shoe: Boohoo
                                                                       Sunglass: Ray ban

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