In the spirit of valentine #2

Saturday, February 14, 2015

     So how did you guys spend valentines day celebration. Bet you all were as happy as could be. As for me, not so much. It was a pretty stressful day. I had a full day shoot, that is from 11:00 to 5:00? Yeah a full day. But it was totally worth it, if not i might have had to think of my current no Val situation. It was definitely a good day. The pictures will be on the blog pretty soon.

     In the spirit of valentine I celebrated my Sunday in RED. Yes, I this was my iPad pictures. They seem pretty clear to me. I had an inner battle with my inner self and it was crazy. I thought of pulling off a red monochromatic look, and did it work or what.
     Now I will be dropping off a style tip today, and today's tip is:
#1. I know how everybody is like this is a new era and anything in fashion is possible. nevertheless, when styling class is necessary. so when trying a monochromatic look, go for chunky necklace but don't use a blazer if not it will appear like too much is going on. To pull off my look with the blazer go for a simple accessory. Don't over accesorize. Remember every color can be monochromized especially with the right accessory, shoe and maybe an overcoat.


     I couldn't even bring myself to edit this pictures they looked super neat and amazing. The red was so shiny. Wish I had my 2-chains on.






                                                                Outfit deets
                                                          Jacket: ST.Micheal
                                                          Top: Fun shack
                                                          Shoe: New look
                                                          Sunglass: Cat sunnies.
                                                          Clutch: Amondo originals.
                                                          Accessory: Atmosphere.

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