How to prepare for a stylish harmattan period.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

   Done with the merry making season and in with a jump start to the dry, cloudy, heavy wind blows charged with dust. Harmattan is a period like no other most west African countries are faced with. This period begins mildly from November to march, it's full force is mainly between end of December till February(yes i I know because I calculated it myself). 

   Now that I'm done with the awareness part, for the more style inclined folks out dear, who would like to keep this season as stylish as possible and not encounter parched lips, white skin, cold or even heat, I would be giving a rundown on what to wear for a stylish harmattan and a harmattan period must have.  
                                           What to wear for a stylish harmattan.
   Just as we have summer colors, there are also colors that categorize with the harmattan season. Those colors are referred as warm colors in the color wheel and they include red, orange, cream, beige, these colors are for those cold mornings and night as for the noon time I suggest colors like light  blue, gray and green. 

1. Best believe that cotton, polyester, leather, wool are harmattan fabrics, this is because they keep you as warm as possible. So center your harmattan wardrobe around these. (Unisex). However for the hot afternoon you will want to stay away from the leather, wool and suede and stick to cotton.

2. It's the boots season, so keep your sandals, ballet flats and killer heels stashed in. You should bring out the Chelsea boots, canvas, vans, brogues, oxfords, wedge boots and whatever that keeps the feet warm. (Unisex). You should consider brown colored shoes to hide the dust for as long as possible. Don't decide to go on a happy feet spree and get grey or black suede shoes, cause the dust will stick there.

3. Scarves are probably the most simple yet important article of harmattan wardrobe. They can come in several sizes, big, small, knit, bandana, long, short etc. the scarf if very advisable as it can betaken off easily if the afternoon weather becomes too hot to handle and worn again for those cold morning and nights. Best part is the can be styled anyhow from the head,neck to the shoulder. (Unisex)

4. Alongside the scarf, for hair and head protection, if suggest a beanie popularly called head warmer (that is kind of self explanatory). And the hats, they are not only warm but very stylish. it is a trend coming in full force and I bet the early half of this year is going to spotting a lot of that in fashion and style. (Will be doing a 2015 trend alert soon). (Unisex)

5. From the Fendi glasses, ray bans, Gucci, Rita Von teese, Karen walker to the fashion statement glasses, sunglasses are as stylish as it gets. they are such a big deal for the harmattan breeze. It prevents dust particles from going into your eyes and fun part, you can decide to wear from morning till night and not break any fashion rule. ( unisex)

6. Because this is a tricky weather, and in Africa it heats up pretty fast so wearing of jewelries is not very comfortable as they can wash off against the skin due to the heat. However in the harmattan period, for the much cooler morning and evenings/night jewelries can be worn but not necessarily at noon.

7. Nothing beats a pair of pant trousers in the harmattan period. It is even more advisable than skirts. They cover the legs and leave little or no room for cold humid breeze. Realize that I said trousers not leggings, scold will be too much and for the sweatpants the heat will be too much. (Unisex)

8. The long overalls: kimono, long jackets, blazer etc. they are quite big enough to keep you warm and still remain stylish and are very easy to pull off anytime any where. (Unisex)

9. No one wears palazzo trousers to me better than famous blogger folake of style pantry. She makes them look effortlessly stunning either as a formal or chic affair. The wide pant trend is also in, it's good for harmattan weather as its long enough to cover and wide enough to let the breeze through. It keeps both warm and cool.

10. The maxi, whether dress, skirt or trousers are voluminous under and you can be sure it will keep you warm, keep all the white harmattan skin hidden and still be airy enough for the afternoon sun.

11. I kept this for last as I have already said harmattan can get tricky cold morning hot afternoon so if you want to the sweater kind of weather it is best always be lightly or comfortably  beneath it dressed just incase the heat takes you by surprise. (Unisex)

                                               Must have for the harmattan period

                                                          1. Scarf.

                                                                 2. Boots.


                                                                 4. sweater shirt.
                           For the chic casual look and more formal look
                           The shirt beneath the sweater trick always works.

                                                               5. Palazzo trousers.

                                                                    6. The overalls.

                                                                 7. The maxi. 
                                                                        8. Hats.

                                                                      9. Trousers.
 Now that I'm done with that, I'm going to be giving random beauty and health advice: 
1. Always have a handkerchief with you.
2. This is not the period to use most facial cleansers or wipes so stick to moisturizing soaps.
3. To avoid parched lips invest in lip balm and not much on lipstick.
4. Use moisturizing shampoo and keep away from the dryer and hair straighteners to avoid hair splits.
5. Invest in hair and body oils instead of cream.
6. Hats will protect the hair from harsh weather. 
7. Always oil your face before applying beauty products so as to balance the effect of sun on your face        and the night and morning cold.
8. Drink a lot of water. I mean A LOT.
9. Try to keep your bare feet away from the ground so as not to harden or parch your foot heel.
10. And finally for the more enjoyable experience an afternoon in the spa to get all those harmattan cold out of your skin will do.
 And that's that remember that fashion, style and beauty go hand in hand. So kick back, relax and have a warm harmattan season using this tips.

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